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Topic of the day


Africa, 1960

Nigeria has the highest black population,
and is the largest country in Africa. It has
the highest birth rate of twins in the world.
The country needs proper healthcare system and
the roads need a serious overhaul. It is a corrupt
country and has hundreds of languages ​​(English
is the official one). The main income source
of Nigeria is crude oil.

Bank dilemma:
"Do you have a collateral other than this
letter from the widow of a Nigerian banker? ".
Young Galileo

Random Page

Health Insurance

4000 years ago, Social Security

Insurance in which some group like:
country\organization\association where each
pay a small amount of money which can be
used in case of an emergency.
Why do we need it - because we are very
fragile, vulnerable, with a tendency to
become infected with diseases and with
all kinds of bad things.

Not all people have health insurance
Because it is expensive - health insurance
is expensive because not all people pay it.

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