Signs that you're a moron

You do not laugh at jokes before anyone else starts laughing, you can not build a sentence without the word "like", you smile like a moron at social gatherings.

The following are some signs that will help you detect if you are a moron:

1. Your pulse increased when you saw the title of this article.
2. Before you leave home you spend ten minutes doing sexy faces in front of the mirror.
3. Your favorite dance includes long movements of the hands up and down with fists tight along with back and forth movements of your head and winks to anyone who looks at you in horror
4. Before any social gathering you are working on good reading material so that you will be able to participate in the conversation.
5. And yet, you never have anything to contribute when you do start talking.
6. You also do not understand anything from the conversation.
7. And yet you nod solemnly throughout the conversation.
8. When someone tells a joke you are waiting for someone else to laugh before you start laughing.
9. You rush to develop hostility towards anyone who shows any sort of intelligence.
10. You did not understand the previous section.
11. The most common curse in your vocabulary is "nerd."
12. When you ask your friends if you're a moron, they start laughing hysterically.
13. Exception to paragraph 12: It is possible that your friends are also morons.
14. You press the elevator button even though it is already pressed.
15. At least twice a week, you stepped into the shower with your socks.
16. After you have read all these signs you called your friend and told him, "Listen, I am a moron".

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