Signs that you are out of shape

You can not tie your shoes standing, you were the happiest person when they announced supermarket deliveries, you let your dog out alone even though you live on the main road. The only thing that your muscles can do is to get a contraction.

The following are some signs that will help you detect if you are out of shape:

1. You can not run.
2. You sprained your finger when entering this article.
3. You live on the first floor and never saw your building staircase.
4. The last sport you did was to call your doctor after you had a muscle contraction while trying to get a can of corn from the cabinet above the sink.
5. You sweat when you see people running on TV.
6. Your wife already accepted the fact that if it's up to you, she is not going to get an orgasm ever again.
7. The chances of you tying your shoelaces without sitting on a chair are: 0
8. When you're at the supermarket you spend more time surfing on the bandwagon while your wife leads her.
9. You have unsubscribed to the library because the escalators are not working anymore.
10. An important skill you have developed: not getting up to the bathroom at night by convincing yourself that it is all in your mind.
11. You send emails to friends at your workplace to say good morning.
12. The first thing you do when entering a friend house is to search for the couch.
13. The happiest day of your life: when the supermarket announced that they starting to run a delivery service.
14. Every night you are staring out the window - to make sure that your dog is not run over when he goes alone to pee.
15. You dream of the day you too will have a cinematic.

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