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Southern hemisphere, Birds

Parrots are mostly famous by
their ability to mimic various sounds
that they hear. Those Mocking birds
do not really realize what they are
saying therefore a conversation with
a parrot is in fact like talking to a tape
or a Furby doll (and even then you will
never really know if the parrot will answer
you back.)

Parrot philosophical insight:
"Now, after I learned to talk
I can not think of anything to say.

Random Page


1500 - 1200 BC, Body health

In the case of women: yoga is an
attempt to bring together
the body, mind and spirit in one
harmonious perfection.
in case of men: it is an attempt to
bring together one man with as many
women when the ratio of the sexes
tends to his favor.
Side effects: neck fractures,
back problems, unnecessary flexibility,
talking to yourself and eccentric hemming
or laughing without any control or reason.

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