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2000-2500 years ago, Ancient ancestors of Japanese

An archipelago consisting of
6852 islands which are constantly
in danger of extinction from 1500 earthquakes
200 active volcanoes and explosions
from reactors or atomic bombs.
Japanese people do not really know what is their
religion so most of them are atheists, but they
become Buddhists during the New Year and
Christians at Christmas.
Their contribution to sport:two obese people with
diapers trying to fight without speed,
technique, flexibility or chin by throwing rice
and pushing each other.

Random Page

The American Revolution

USA, 1775

The Revolution burst after
the British tax the crap out
of the American colonies. So
some of the colonies got annoyed
and started shooting some Brits.
The Brits did not like that so
they shoot back. As a result, America
Declared independence, which further
pissed off the Brits. Later on,
France joined the war and led
the Brits to the insight that
the war is just too expensive
for them, so they left in 1783.

"Have you ever had the feeling
that you are in the wrong place,"
King George II

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