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Joseph Raphson, 1697

Pantheistic mythology is that
God is everything and everything
is God, and that even the gods
are too confused and do not know
where it all comes from or what
we are doing here. They just exist,
and can not offer explanations
about the meaning of it all.

Angel Gabriel response to God:
"Hey, don't look at me, I was
against free will!".

Random Page


Government, 1770

There is nothing funny about prisons.
Prison is a business\place to "fix" people
Broken by society's moral settings.
A person entering prison stays there for varying
periods: short, several years, or the rest of his life.
Jailed inmate loses his freedom, his
honor and in some cases his sexual identity.

The idea behind prisons:
"Diet, loneliness, boredom and non-profit work
Will return any serial killer/criminal back on track,”
John Howard, the founder of the method.

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