Signs That You Are Getting Old

Let's face it: you're no longer a child. If the bays in your hair, the sigh when you get up in the morning and your newfound affection for romantic movies have not convinced you, maybe these signs will help you detect if you are getting old.

1. You can no longer smoke the plants growing in your garden.
2. You are no longer growing garden plants that can be smoke.
3. When you are craving for pizza at two am, you suppresses the urge and fall back to sleep.
4. You can not remember the last time you woke up at noon.
5. Your uncle feels comfortable to tell dirty jokes around you.
6. People calling you after nine o'clock ask, "Did I wake you?".
7. Elevator music no longer annoys you.
8. You cut and keep coupons.
9. Your refrigerator has more food than beers.
10. When you go out to drink, you do not regret it the next morning.
11. Sex in the bathroom look like a serious trouble ("it is very crowded here. Let's go to my place and do it in bed like humans").
12. You have bedside reading glasses.
13. You have no idea what your 16 year old brother is saying.
14. You find yourself barking at children playing outside your apartment instead of join them.

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