Signs that you are less popular than you thought

Your best friends live in a house with cameras, all your friends in the messenger are always "busy".

The following are some signs that will help you detect if you are less popular than you thought:

1. You try to organize a poker night but instead call your little brother at eight o'clock to cancel as you could not arrange more people.
2. You are up to date with all the newest tv series, but you have no one to talk to about it.
3. You do not understand why people always say ‘we will talk about it tomorrow at the water cooler’. You are there every day and no one talks to you about it.
4. You go to the market just to yell back at the greengrocer’s.
5. You adopted a poodle to talk to other dog owners in the park, but somehow found yourself at a garden of people who do not like to talk.
6. You shout, "This time! it’s my treat" Every time you go to eat, but people in your office prefer to eat in front of the computer. Or stay hungry.
7. You have to laugh after every joke you tell so it won't be embarrassing.
8. You've won two tickets to a show but somehow went alone.
9. All your friends in the Messenger are always "busy".
10. You are still staring at the Messenger and don't know that everyone already moved to Facebook.
11. You're dying to send this link to all your friends but can not recall the name of anyone specific.

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