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Kim Jong iIl

North Korea, 1941-2011

As outlined by Kim Jong il's formal bio, he came into this world in a top secret army camp in Baekdu Mountain throughout North Korea's Japan occupation and the birth had been prophesised through a double rainbow designated from the sight of brand new star.

As outlined by nationwide media, in 94' Kim Jong il had a record-breaking golf performance where he accomplished Eleven holes-in-one, together with a full-blown score of Thirty eight - undoubtedly the best score throughout history. Also it was in fact his first try, having never playing the game before.

Amongst Kim Jong il's formal titles are: Great Leader, Glowing Star of Paektu, Dear Leader, Sun of Socialism, Guiding Sun Ray, Brilliant Leader, Respected Leader, Wonderful Man Which Originated From Heaven, The Extraordinary Sun of Life.

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