Where am I?
The site tries to provide insights on a vast range of interest's in a concise, humorous but still stick to the real facts. We try to filter all the irrelevant information and only emphasis on the main idea's (or what we consider as the most interesting - at least in our opinion).

What is it good for?
1. Time = Money
2. Because you are bored
3. The world is funny so we have to laugh

Who are we?
We are a group of people with a lot of free time.

But this is not funny
1. Humor is often individually matter
2. You might have a problem. You should consider checking it
3. You have no humor

Did you really read all those books?
Yes (In long books we tend to read in jumps of 10 pages)

Did you really watch all those movies?
Yes. We are watching movies in an endless shifts at varying speeds (x2, x4, x8,…., x30 - This is the recommended watching speed for most movies)
How can I assist?
Anyone can contribute is own content as long as:
1. Registered
2. You understand what you are writing
3. You stick to the real facts
4. You have some humor
5. You do not upload spam to the site - in this case only the religious category will remain open for you - at least until you realize what you've done and redeem you sins

What is the difference between this site and Wikipedia?
If you did not understand the answer by yourself:
1. This is the first page you read and it's a bit strange
2. Our site has humor not just under the entry humor
3. Wikipedia has too many facts which no one really understands

I am addicted to the site, what to do?
In the case of serious addiction:
1. We are not responsible for any damage caused or will cause to you in the future.
2. The site is considered a medical drug therefore does not pose any existential threat.
3. If you want to quit it should be done in stages and not all at once.
4. If you're already addicted so the best medicine is to join our team.
5. If you feel the need to talk about it then you can contact us directly - but most probably our specialists will not be able to help.

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